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Founded by BlackBerry phone accessories marketer Steve Radis, Chicago-based draws on his seven years of serving BlackBerry phone owners.

"Everything we do is about the customer," Radis says. "If it isn't customer-centric, we don't do it here."

Fully stocked, ready to ship BlackBerry accessories

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Radis isn't kidding around about customer service. He likes Chicago as a base of operations because it's centrally located. The company warehouses more than 1,000 unique BlackBerry products, accessories that meet every business need. And any order that comes in by 3 p.m. Central Time goes out that same day.

Now that's customer service.

But who is SmartphoneDen's customer?

"We call them the 'prosumers,'" Radis says. "They are both business professionals and consumers who know a BlackBerry phone can help them do more."

BlackBerry: From toy to tool, with plenty of accessories

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In his seven years providing BlackBerry accessories to cell phone users, Radis has seen the customer profile change dramatically.

"Now you have to have a BlackBerry on the job," he says. "When I started, they were a gee-whiz product. Today, they're as standard as the computer for most professionals."

And the accessories market has grown apace. Many of SmartphoneDen's competitors are simply order-takers. They don't have anywhere near the stock SmartPhoneDen has on hand, nor can they match SmartphoneDen's turnaround time on orders of BlackBerry phone accessories. Priced competitively, SmartphoneDen's accessories are always in demand.

Corporate resources support SmartphoneDen represents just one piece of a cell phone marketing empire. It is owned and operated by Cool Cell Gear Inc., a provider of phone and other mobile accessories and owner of other online cell phone accessories enterprises.

"We have relationships with companies and suppliers from all over the world so that we can offer our customers the latest BlackBerry products at affordable prices," Radis says.

That's why BlackBerry accessories customers, from large private businesses to government agencies, should click first on SmartphoneDen for BlackBerry accessories. If experience, best product selection, rapid turnaround time and competitive prices matter, that's the move to make.

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