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Submitted By dj freq on Wednesday, November 15 2006 at 11:23 pm
So I, like many other bloggers got an invitation to join up with the Review Me! site from the Text Link Ads people. I’m still really on the fence about these pay for post type of advertising. I’m not totally against it it’s just I don’t really think it’s for me. With Review Me! you don’t have to write a positive review but you do have to state clearly that “this is a paid review”. I’m not sure how much this differs from the normal publishing world. I’m sure Will Ferrell doesn’t magically appear on magazine covers for free. I guess what it really gets down to is personal choice. I can’t see myself using this I don’t have any problems with anyone else going balls deep into. Albeit doing one post a month to cover hosting costs may happen. One of the real problems I’ve had with “A-list” bloggers is that they’ve come out against this type of advertising claiming that it’s not legitimate. They say you should just build your content and focus on building readership to a point where federated media will come knocking . That’s a great idea if you happen to be an Engadget, or in the technorati top 100 but for poor little blogger like me the $20 I’ll get for writing this review piece will cover like 6 months of hosting cost.
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