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Excerpted from the website description:

I'm Sleazy Eddie and I'm giving porn for free. Some call me crazy, others say I'm an asshole - that I'm going to ruin the porn industry. But hey, fuck 'em. I've spent a large part of my life searching for a quality free porn site and never found it. So I decided to create one myself. Enjoy it before they shot me down...


Additional Information

I've been hearing about this site quite a while ago, but didn't pay much attention to it. We all know that most so called free porn sites are trying to lead the surfers to a payed site.

I gave sleazy eddie a chance last month. As I see it, the site is splitted up in categories, main ones beeing:

  • the free porn section: where they list around 50 downloadable movies, and a lot of feeds that lead to about 300 movies featuring different adult categories like amateur, anal, etc.
  • free sites section: where they list all their major competitors;
  • paysite reviews: it occured to me that their reviews are okay. Maybe a few pictures so the surfers would get a good look at what's on each site won't hurt;
  • affiliate program reviews (I'll let others discuss this section);
  • the soapbox: a blog where the owner is writing anything that passes his mind... read a few preety good articles.

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