Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Music


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"As a freshman in high school, math was not my favorite subject. One day I decided to cut my math class. And that is when my life in the music world started. While sitting under a tree, not far from me, was another class. There teacher was playing on his guitar. Then I heard this music that captured my ear, a sound I never heard before. When the recess bell rang the teacher passed me and I asked him what kind of music he was playing? He said it's an old style of Hawaiian music called slack key. I asked him if he would teach me, he said if I gave up all my recess and came to him, he would. I thought I'll give up my recess for awhile, then after I get bored I just won't come. We'll for 4 years I gave up my recess and came to this teacher, he thought me everything he knew from songs, to tuning's. His name is Henry Meyer."
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