Security Risk Management and Network Change Management Solution from Skybox Security, Inc.


Skybox Security pioneered the science of quantifiable security risk analysis and is driving the advancement of the Security Risk Management (SRM) market. The company’s award-winning product suite, Skybox View™, is the first and only software solution to create a virtual model and staging environment of an organization’s network security profile. Skybox View™ collects network infrastructure and security configurations, evaluates vulnerability scan results, maps dependencies among security devices and incorporates the business value of critical assets. Through exclusive attack simulation, it uses this data to calculate all possible access paths, and highlight vulnerabilities that can be exploited by internal and external attackers as well as malicious worms. Creating a virtual sandbox, or simulating a staging environment, is possible through unique “what-if” analysis capability. By using Skybox View, the information overload associated with thousands of network security policies, control devices and vulnerability scans can be demystified and automated. The benefit is business continuity through a measurable, repeatable and predictable network connectivity and risk assessment process. This is achieved through continuous evaluation of an organization’s risk profile, security control effectiveness and justifiable price tag on mitigating exposures. With Skybox View, the security team receives a precise and prioritized battle plan; IT operations can reduce IT workload; and management gains unprecedented visibility into the organization’s risk and governance profile. Skybox View has two applications: Skybox Secure for Security Risk Management, and Skybox Assure for Network Change Management. Designed for the security and auditing teams, Skybox Secure runs unique attack simulations on the virtual model to evaluate which threats pose the greatest potential harm. It evaluates all possible access paths and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by internal and external attackers as well as malicious worms. Designed for the IT network and operations team, Skybox Assure runs unique access simulation within a virtual staging environment in order to evaluate effectiveness and compliance of security controls with defined policies. It simulates all possible access paths, validates connectivity and enables the testing of proposed changes before implementation.


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