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Most of us could probably stand to lose a few pounds or maybe even more than a few. For a small minority out there, adjusting their diet and adding some extra exercise to their daily routine is all it takes, but the rest of us need some help. Obesity is a growing problem in America, reaching almost epidemic proportions and mainly affecting adults. But obesity is increasing in children & young adults, who are the main targets of Fast Food restaurants & sugar based beverages. Today there are an overwhelming amount of choices available in the weight loss market. There are diet plans, pills, supplements, books and exercise equipment in every shape and color that guarantee they will all work and give us the toned, trimmed bodies we desire. With all these choices available, decisions to be made and money on the line - since most of these products are not cheap - where do you look for information and guidance on which ones actually work, are safe and are worth their price?

SkinnyOnDiets Image 2.jpg offers information, as well as honest, easy to read reviews of over 1,500 different weight loss related products, making them one of the single largest sources of diet related information available on the web today. They have reviews on all types of diet related products including plans, pills, books and even exercise equipment. If it's on the market, chances are they have a review of it. Following are some of the products reviewed on To see a complete list of products, click here.

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A quick search on the internet turns up hundreds of sites that all claim they have the answers you are looking for. However, most actually offer very little in the way of information and fall short of those claims. There are those that only talk about certain pills, others that focus on plans, others that focus on books and yet they all have one thing in common: limited information., however, focuses on providing information as well as the answers that any consumer can have about these products. Check out the website for more details.

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The information and reviews offered by are written by real people and give real answers to the common questions that would be asked about weight loss products and if they really do what they claim. The staff consistently updates the website and product information to reflect any changes that have taken place; they also stay updated with all the latest news and trends so you always have the most current information available. The site also features a Readers Poll, where anyone can submit their vote for their favorite Weight Loss Product.

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Hands down this is the most comprehensive Diet Review Website out there. It has reviewed more diet programs and diet pills than anyone else, check it out for yourself.'

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