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SiteSell.gif is a hugely popular resource that is designed to help businesses succeed on the Net. It offers products based on research that has accumulated over many years, and has been hailed as some of the most useful when attempting to start up an internet presence for a business. also prides itself on listening to the feedback of clients who suggest new ways to increase sales. has one main product known as Site Build It!. It is meant to be an all-around solution for starting up an e-commerce site, from the first brainstorming steps on through web design and hosting. SBI is actually a suite consisting of many different individual programs that are specifically tailored for different steps along the way to becoming a successful internet company.

While many sites claim to offer this sort of success, has something that few do. That is a fairly impressive track record of clients who have gone on to be successful. While some companies only promise success, shows evidence that their system is fairly effective in making sales and increasing web site popularity.

The SBI service includes a basic advertising service run by They have examined evidence of regular advertising and its effectiveness, and put together a fairly interesting theory on how customers can be more effectively reached. This is immediately put into practice when you choose to use their service and the marketing that comes with it. is partially based on the idea that many of the steps in e-commerce are repeated over and over again by each new member of the industry. Each new site re-invents the wheel, so to speak. The SBI service takes care of all of these things that can become repetitive and irritating for people establishing businesses, and lets them focus on the more important parts.




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"[Helps] businesses brainstorm and think about their e-commerce strategy, beyond just providing the basic tools to setup e-storefronts."

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