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Sinobio is an affiliation to Fudan University, which is famous for its biotechnology. Sinobio is providing contract protein purification service for biotech companies and laboratories, including gene design and synthesis, expression vectors construction, expression in flask bottle or fermentors as large as 30 litters, recombinant protein purification from 10mg to 10gram and polyclonal antibody manufacture.

Sinobio is well equipped for protein expression and purificaiton. The facilities include Bioengineering fermentors from 3.7 litter to 30 litters, AKTA Explorer 100 chromatography system (Amersham-Pharmacia Biotech), other 4 self-developed chromatography systems designed for protein purification service, analytical instruments such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography system (HPLC 1100 AGILENT), BioRad Mini Protean III electrophoresis systems. And other analytical instruments we can use in the open laboratory in Fudan university such as mass spectrometry, Capillary Electrophoresis Analyser P/ACE MDQ from Beckman, and BioRad isoelectric focusing (IEF) systems.

There are more than 20 employees in Sinobio , including 3 PhD and 4 masters. Most of them have more than 8-year experience in protein expression and purification. Sinobio has developed more than 6 new recombinant protein drugs, such as GCSF(e.coli), IFN(e.coli), IL-11(pichia), p75(mammalian cell), anti-Her2 antibody(mammalian cell) and PTH(e.coli). Most of them are in the market now and some in clinical trail phase. We"d like to help you do the tedious work of protein purification, because the cheaper cost in China is our strong advantage.

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