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SingPost is Singapore’s leading provider of domestic and international postal services in Singapore. We offer one-stop logistics business solutions and through our extensive retail distribution network in Singapore, a comprehensive range of postal, agency and financial services.

SingPost has more than 60 post offices, about 80 authorised postal agencies, close to 200 Self-service Automated Machines (SAMs), more than 660 stamp vendors and over 800 postboxes located throughout Singapore. Our post offices serve as one-stop convenience centres for postal, agency and financial products and services, and form one of the most extensive networks of any retail business in Singapore.

The Mail Division provides comprehensive services for collecting, sorting, transporting and distributing domestic and international mail, including a number of direct mail products and services and mailroom services. SingPost’s international mail service also handles incoming international mail from, and outgoing international mail to, foreign postal administrations. SingPost’s ePost hybrid mail service is a low-cost, high-speed one-stop service that allows businesses to process and deliver large quantities of data-intensive but personalised documents.

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