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What is Perisai Diri?

Perisai Diri or 'the shield of oneself' originated in Indonesia. Pencak Silat is a family of martial arts found in the archipelagos of Indonesia.

Perisai Diri or PD has been in Australia for approximately 25 years. Perisai Diri can be trained effectively without acquiring injury due to its unique training methods. These methods aim to encourage friendship and minimise injury.

Keluarga Silat Nasional Indonesia Perisai-Diri, or Kelatnas PD, was officially founded on 2 July 1955 in the city of Surabaya, by Raden Mas Soebandiman Dirdjoatmodjo.

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Silat Perisai Diri Australia
Tarragindi QLD
Australia 4121

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