is Your #1 Choice for Sign-Making Hardware! is a manufacturer and distributor of signage hardware based out of Bristol, RI. Over the past 37 years, the company has become a leading supplier of sign equipment and serves a wide range of clients across the globe—from “mom and pop” stores to large-scale commercial corporations. SignSupplies2Go specializes in wholesale display products as well as custom signs to meet the needs of any serious business. Some of the available visual merchandising fixtures include sign standoffs, cable display systems, wall signs, poster hangers and sign frames.


Sign Standoffs

Some of the most popular items for sale on the site are sign standoffs. These unique hardware kits anchor signs to walls without the need for external framing while also providing an upscale accent to any atmosphere. In order to take advantage of the standoffs, wood, glass or acrylic panels are pre-drilled to fit the hardware. Once the standoffs are mounted on the wall, simply slide the intended signage panel onto the supports. Then, hand-tighten the screw caps to cover up the hardware for a modern display. Several designs, finishes and price ranges are available, so any sign material, style or budget can be accommodated.


Cable Display Systems

Another signage option incorporates cable display systems. These innovative marketing tools direct customer attention to ads rather than the displays themselves. In addition, passersby are intrigued by retail display fixtures that seem to be floating in mid-air. The thin cables and subtle frames are attached to walls, floors and ceilings where they appear almost invisible. Invisibility is becoming an increasingly popular trait of storefront merchandising. The easy-to-use frame displays come in many sizes and lengths, so any retail business owners can get the models that suit their sign or store dimensions.


Wall Signs

Wall signs are used throughout professional offices, educational institutions, public transportation terminals and more. Many users present name plates outside individual offices or designate specific locations within large complexes using these economical acrylic frames. Every option allows for custom signs to be created, so the possibilities are endless. All the most common sizes are stocked, so developing personalized marketing messages is easy!


Sign Frames

SignSupplies2Go offers models for outdoor and indoor applications, as well. From traditional wall-mounted poster boxes to weighted sidewalk signs, there is an option for every purpose. Some styles are locking and feature waterproofing for long-lasting exterior signs, while others are indoor snap frames for easy updates and signage changes. An array of colors and sizes are provided to fit the needs of any location.


Poster Hangers

Hanging posters are yet another imaginative way to advertise within retail environments. Many styles of banner rails and poster frames include hanging hardware for space-saving promotional solutions. Whether they are hung in a window, over a sales floor or on a slatwall display, these frames target customers with eye-level presentations while conserving valuable floor space.

About SignSupplies2Go is just one of the many specialty websites under the umbrella. Over 50 unique E-stores seek to provide solutions for every retail merchandising task. DisplayShops highlights cutting edge technology and the latest display developments, while providing a detailed analysis of each sites’ features. Buy quality equipment from the industry leader, SignSupplies2Go, at wholesale prices!

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