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A service that creates screenshots of other websites.


stw-logo1.jpg (STW) is the most powerful, free website thumbnail provider on the internet. They specialize in allowing your web page to capture images of any website’s front page, homepage, or subdomain. Specific pages can be captured using a PRO feature (Upgrades). The idea is simple and effective, you give a URL and they are able to generate a thumbnail image of that web page. You can embed, download, and use these images anywhere to reference your website visually. Moreover, this service also supports various ways to integrate screenshot plug-ins, including a non ad-supported preview bubble, to enhance this highly effective webmaster tool.
ShrinkTheWeb URL submit bar used to generate a requested thumbnail.

When you open an account with ShrinkTheWeb, you get access to a customizable widget that dynamically generates thumbnails automatically. The free service is ideal for the vast majority of webmasters, but for those who require more, ShrinkTheWeb offers additional serices. PRO Users can get custom-size images, full-length pages, specific page captures, custom delays, cropping options, custom system messages, and even MORE! See this page for a comparison of both the free and PRO Features.

Benefits of using ShrinkTheWeb

ShrinkTheWeb Thumbnail Generator usage example on
  • Improve Search Accuracy: By displaying an image of your website coupled with your URL you stand a better chance of associating the look of website with the keywords in your URL.
  • Recall Previously Visited Sites: Help visitors remember which websites they visited by giving them a way to see your website.
  • Filter Offensive Sites: Steer clear of adult websites by spotting them before opening the site.
  • Filter Foreign Sites: See foreign text before visiting the site.
  • Discover Ambiguous Sites: Easily distinguish between two websites of similar sounding names.
  • Find Inspirational and Beautiful Designs: Quickly glance through galleries of websites like and spot catchy designs. Also great for showcasing your own designs!
  • Filter Duplicates or Related Sites: See duplicate websites and/or identify sites with common content or layout.
  • Filter Parked or Broken Sites: Spot parked pages or broken websites before wasting your time.
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STW Thumbnail Samples

Sample thumbnail sized at 200×150
Sample thumbnail sized at 120×90

These free samples, that STW generated, are available in the following default sizes:

  • 75×56
  • 90×68
  • 100×75
  • 120×90
  • 200×150
  • 320×240

Regardless of the size,'s thumbnail images are of the highest quality and accurately depict the requested website. At any given time, people may be using ShrinkTheWeb to generate thumbnails for their website(s). This means all requested thumbnails are queued and handled on a first come first serve basis, ensuring fair and equal opportunities for all their customers. STW provides priority services available by request for its upgraded users. During our tests, the website thumbnail for AboutUs was quickly generated.

Sample thumbnail sized at 320×240

About the Founder was founded by Brandon Elliott of Neosys Consulting to provide a much needed service for webmasters. Brandon is a CISSP, MCSE, CCNA, MCP+I, A+, and has been in the IT industry for over a decade.

He runs STW as a dedicated service and contributes quite a bit of resources at the back-end to keep this service free, reliable, fast and secure. He is open and honest about the challenges that he faces offering this service for free, however, he explains his reasoning and logic clearly to his audience.

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  • Saad Saeed (delighted) : I and a couple of other wiki editors at AboutUs now use STW whenever we need to add a custom thumbnail to a page. Its our quick fix solution to show a custom current domain thumbnail. For improvement, it would be great if STW can allow hardlinking to thumbnails and allow periodic updates to thumbnails without one having to redownload a fresh thumbnail. Wed Feb 25 10:12:26 UTC 2009

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