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  • Gary Joann Goecks (frustrated) : I'm not sure the first time I did this it went through so here goes again. On Sunday the 24th I shopped at the Monroe Pig. I purchased two bags of salad with a freshness date of Thursday the 28. On tuesday night when I opened the first bags, it had worked and we could not eat it. So I got out the second bag, it was slimy and also could not be eaten. On Sunday the 31 I again went to the Monroe Pig. I took along the corner of the bag and told the manger about it. He said he could not do anything for me. He could not replace the two bags, give me a refund or anything unless I had the receipt. I left my name and the salads and went to Aldi's in Monroe. There I got my salad and their policy is to replace such items and give you a second one free as thing like this do spoil. I then called the Monroe Pig on Tuesday afternoon, and the manager said it was policy and his manager did the right thing. I DID NOT want a refund, just replacements for the two salads that had gone bad before the freshness date. I would have taken them back sooner, but I live on a farm about 15 miles from Monroe. I do not go to Monroe daily and I do shop at the Monroe Pig weekly. But if this happens again, I not only will not shop there, I will tell everyone about my great experience. Gary Joann Goecks. N1496 Cnty OK. Juda, Wisconsin 53550. 608-934-5597. ps When Wal Mart comes with their Super Store, I know their policy is only to take down you name, address, & phone number, but to keep the customer happy! I worked at the Monroe Wal Mart for 2 1/2 years. 12:03, 2 September 2008 (PDT)

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