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How did evolve? After 19 years of serving the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs we have now spread our wings to the world. OK we admit, we like to take the time we need to do one thing right before we start another venture. The sponge docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida is a tourist destination many people visit every year from all parts of the world. The area established itself many years ago in the sponge diving industry. The Greek divers were a cut above their counterparts in the early days of sponge retrieval from the bottom of the seas. They wore full bodied suits and were able to harvest large quantities of sponges. This is the area they established themselves in Florida. Over the years our quaint area along the Anclote river began to sprout up many famous Greek restaurants as well as gift shops and some scenic attractions. This is how we became part of the evolution of the sponge docks. We opened our first gift shop here 19 years ago. We now have 5 stores doing business as Accessories & More (727-937-2739), Seaside Paradise (727-934-3431) & Gloria's Gifts (727-942-7707). Our Accessories & More location features Boutique 513 as one of the three stores it includes. Here you can find our largest selection of womans clothing, handbags, sandals and our recent extensive expansion in sponges, shells and other gift items. Stroll halfway down the docks and you will come upon Seaside Paradise. This store features our largest line of tee shirts with a large selection of gifts as well. Here you may find a nice pair of sandals or that embroidered Florida cap you just have to get. As you continue to the other end of the docks you come to Gloria's Gifts. This store has always been special for us as it was named after the owner of the company. Gloria worked this store day and night for its first year and it has kept that inviting feeling ever since. Here you may find a piece of jewelry for yourself or pick up those gifts you missed on your stroll down Dodecanese as we offer a nice variety of clothing, hats, sandals and gifts as well. We see so many local people and winter travelers year after year that we have come to know many of them by name. So many people have asked us if we have a website. For the past couple years we have said we don't yet but someday. In the meantime many people would just take our business card and call us to order something to ship to them. With so many people doing that we felt it is time to get the website going. But if you have been in our stores and you can not find what you want here just give us a call and we will do what we can to get you what you want. Thanks for taking the time to shop with us online and we hope if you come to the docks you will stop in and see us ! Please direct any questions or comments via email to:
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