Shiloh Brooklyn Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Shiloh church started in June, 1972, as a result of the merging of two small missions - the Bergen Street and the Seventh Avenue missions. It was then that Shiloh received its first pastor, Simon R, Johnson, a humble, well-appreciated, and devoted man who worked diligently along with Elders Herbert Potter, Isadore DeSouza, Oscar Williams, Moses Brathwaite, and the highly active members.

At that time we had a membership of approximately 54, no church of our own, very little funds, and plenty of hard work ahead of us. It was the Word of God that strengthened His faithful followers and kept them together through many trying times. With God’s blessings, we rented a Lutheran Church on Washington Avenue where we worshiped for approximately two years, but due to an extremely high increase in rent we were forced to leave. With no place to go, we prayed to God and He led us to a Baptist Church on Fulton Street. The pastor of this church was a very nice man. Unfortunately, two years later he died and soon after that the members wanted us out. We asked for and received an extension with a deadline on which to leave the church.

Sometimes we were literally heading for the street but we never forgot to pray. We then worshiped at Brooklyn City Tabernacle, and then in an Episcopalian Church where we stayed for six months, and again we had to move. This time we were back on the march but nearing home. We moved to a Church of God church on Rogers Avenue where we stayed about six months. From one Sabbath to the next God led us to a place of worship. During our journey we always had the assurance that He was with us and as we endeavored to do His will new members were pleased to join us and set out on the march.

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