Shaukat Khanum memorial trust cancer hospital in Pakistan.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Center (SKMCH&RC) is a 'state-of-the-art' Cancer treatment and Research center in Pakistan, a project of Shaukat Khanum memorial Trust (SKMT). It is presently a one-of-its-kind facility in Pakistan but there are plans to inaugurate other facilities of the same standard in other parts of the country. SKMCH&RC is the brainchild of Imran Khan, the cricketing legend, who is dubbed to have engineered Pakistan to its maiden victory in the final of the Cricket World Cup back in 1992. The inspiration is said to have come from the death of Mrs. Shaukat Khanum, Imran's mother, who died due to cancer.
A word from Imran Khan
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Over the years, my faith in the goodness of mankind has increased greatly. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center is a living tribute to your kindness and generosity. I am personally thankful to all those men, women, children, old and young who have made a contribution to launch SKMCH & RC and who have continued to support us in alleviating the sufferings of the victims of cancer.

We needed your support then and we need your support ever more now. More than Rs. 2 billion are required annually to run the Hospital. Almost 50% of our revenue is collected from selling Hospital services. The rest comes from Zakat and generous donations from well-wishers all over the world.

We were able to launch SKMCH & RC because we had your support. I sincerely hope that I can look forward to your continued support to help keep the Hospital running and providing hope to those victims of cancer who have no other hope for treatment.

Yours faithfully,

Imran Khan

Helping those in need

Inaugurated in December 1994 and with an annual budget of around Rs.2 billion (FY:2007), SKMCH&RC has financially supported around 70% of it's patients since 1994. The total philanthropic spending of SKMT till 2007 equaled Rs.5 billion.

Mission Statement:
"To act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of patients with cancer through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy irrespective of their ability to pay, the education of health care professionals and the public and perform research into the causes and treatment of cancer."


Imran Khan raised most of the funds for this noble cause through public appeals and fundraisers. His first nation-wide appeal was at a match between India and Pakistan, in 1989 at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, he raised Rs. 2,902,600. The 1992 World Cup win under Imran's captaincy helped in the fundraising efforts. Half a million pounds were collected in six weeks and Imran himself donated 85,000 pounds out of his own prize money. In 1994 Imran Khan raised a massive campaign in-order to raise funds for the project. He visited 27 cities within Pakistan and mobilized students by visiting their schools. Over a million donors pitched in, everyone from ordinary citizens to the rich and famous.

How can you help

SKMT is a charitable institute, 'it is funded predominantly from the donations of friends and well-wishers from around the country and across the world'. There are a plethora of ways in which one can help SKMT. You can visit their website and make a donation on-line. You can also choose to make a donation by visiting their donation centers all over Pakistan. You might also want to take a look at their donation menu, conveniently placed at the right corner of their home page.

If you are unable donate money you can also donate your time to this noble cause by volunteering and helping out. Volunteers need to meet a basic criteria in order to volunteer.

Projects of SKMT

  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center ( Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center ( Karachi , Pakistan ) planning
  • Outreach Cancer Screening Clinics:
  1. Shaukat Khanum Karachi Clinic ( Karachi , Pakistan )
  2. Shaukat Khanum Peshawar Clinic ( Peshawar , Pakistan )
  3. Community screening service ( Lahore , Pakistan )
  • Diagnostic Centers:
  1. Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Center ( Lahore , Pakistan )
  2. Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Center ( Karachi , Pakistan ) planning
  • Pathology Collection Centers:
  1. 45 Shaukat Khanum Pathology Collection Centers (all over Pakistan )


Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center

7-A, Block R-3,Johar Town,



Tel: +92 42 5945100
UAN: 111-155-555
Toll Free Number: 0800-11555
International Liaison Office:
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