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SHAANDS THE KILLING HOSPITAL, is one of the leading hospitals that has been killing patients, shands has one of the worst reputations in Jacksonville & Other areas.

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Hello, after many requests I have finally written my own biography so people can see who in the world I am and why I am so upset with Shands.
Let’s start off with the basic things; my name is Jon, I am a 31-year-old male living in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, Florida. I moved to Jacksonville in 2000 so I could be with my parents but unfortunately I lost my mom after a long illness on December 17, 2005. I personally don’t really like Jacksonville for many reasons but have chosen to try to make the best out of it while I have been living here.
A few years ago I posted a message on asking if Jacksonville had any free health care programs available. Well I got in touch with a young fine man by the name of Bob who recommended I go to Shands – unlike most people I thought going to Shands would be a degrading things (mostly because I didn’t want to beg for health care). The first time I went to Shands Patient Financial Services is where the fun started. As soon as I sat down with the patient financial evaluator by the name of Mrs. Cobb I felt low life, I felt as if I was the only one begging for health care. Well I told Mrs. Cobb my entire life story and then she brought me to her boss Mrs. Baker. Well soon as I saw Mrs. Baker she said I wasn’t eligible for “HEALTH CARE” Because my father wouldn’t disclose his income (Afraid to admit he hardly had any income) – Mrs. Baker also said some other pretty nasty things meanwhile. About a week after my experience I emailed Shands Corporate headquarters only to get an apology call from Mrs. Baker herself, on that phone call she told me to come back and just have my father put that he refused to discuss his financial income, ok that was easy enough I went back and I finally got my health card know as a “Shands Card”
For the first few appointments I really didn’t mind the long waits sometimes hours at a time but then things started to drastically change for the worst; Onetime Marion Graham (NURSE PRACTITIONER) ordered blood tests and I thought everything was ok until a short time after (almost a month or so) I get a phone call from the radiology department indicating I had to have an MRI done of my live area; ok I went and then found out I had to go see a Liver Specialist. When I saw the Liver Specialist Doctor I was told I had some type of liver problem but he wanted to investigate it further and scheduled me for several tests. When I went for the Endoscope (they put a tube down your throat to look inside of you) I was medicated but was totally awake for the procedure. I remember kicking and being held down so I couldn’t move. Meanwhile before the procedure they had mistaken me for someone else (thank goodness that person walked in)

The Liver Biopsy was really a success and the doctor went beyond what anyone else would have done.
Meanwhile after the biopsy and finding out I had stage # 2 liver fibrosis the fun started with Shands. I saw many different doctors at Shands some nice and bad. August of 2004 I got tonsillitis once again and decided to go see the ENT specialists to see if we can remove my tonsils once and for all. Surgery was setup for September 13. About Sept 9 I went for Pre-op Testing and then Sept 13 I showed up in the Surgery department only to find out the doctor didn’t feel comfortable doing surgery on me because my liver enzymes were out of whack. October 11 my tonsils finally came out. After a couple of years of being a patient of Shands I started to develop some major head aches and my doctor (Dr. Barroso) recommended I go to see a Neurologist (this was mostly because my Mom had Multiple Sclerosis and I was having all the symptoms). When I saw the Neurologist she was nice, friendly and kind but she did one bad mistake, which was giving me a medication for headaches. After research we found out that medication was for “epilepsy” and can affect your life.
In 2005 my right shoulder started to hurt again, I said to myself since I had health insurance thru Shands might as well get this problem resolved. On January 4, 2006 Dr. Stephen Augustine informed me that surgery would be an option for my problem since the cortisone shot didn’t work. He told me what clearances I needed from my doctor’s offices and I got all the necessary documentation sent to him. Well March came and I never heard anything from Dr. Augustine’s office so I called his Surgery Coordinator (SHERRY) to only get no resolutions and no phone calls back; I then called the administration department of Shands and then patient relations got involved. When patient relations got involved Dawn Fichtner, Supervisor got everything in order and my surgery date setup for April 11, 2006. The surgery itself was a success but had major breathing problems; but they sent me home. The day after I was running a temperature and just was uncomfortable to a point where we called orthopedic department to only get no resolutions but promises to get in touch with a doctor and call us back, at about 6 pm we once again called the hospital to only find out that they wouldn’t get anyone from orthopedics on the phone. I was brought to the emergency room to only wait over 5 hours to see someone; meanwhile I was running a temperature and my blood pressure was elevated, I was then released at about 2:30am.
After my ER Visit I started to start developing redness on my shoulder; I saw Dr. Augustine who said my skin being red and bloody was a result of me scratching, ok I was scratching. I then went back to Dr. Augustine and he did do wonders on me but in August, months after surgery, my shoulder was still red. He came out and said he had NO IDEA what in the world my redness was from and I needed to see a dermatologist. At the end of August, after many complications with my shoulder I checked into Baptist Medical center located in downtown Jacksonville where I stayed for four days. While at Baptist they determined that the redness was probably caused by the ice pack which I was using at night, they indicated if I didn’t get medical treatment at that time I may have had a staff infection which I heard isn’t fun.
After being admitted in the hospital at Baptist I tried to go back into rehabilitation but was told I couldn’t without a doctor referral. I then had to get a re-evaluation done to get my Shands card but they gave me such a hard time and wound up not giving me any card..
With that all being said + other undocumented problems with Shands employees this site is up and in existence.

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