Shangri-La Air Pvt. Ltd.


Shangri-La Air feels immense pleasure to introduce Shangri-La Air Pvt. Ltd. as private Airlines company duly registered with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. This Airlines is run by a team of professionals who have most commendable and significant experience of Civil Aviation and Airlines Industries in which they were awarded highly dignified position when they were in their prime time of career in the Industry. Under the leadership of these professionals the team in upper management comprises with senior engineers, senior pilots with many years of aviation background and financial marketing in aviation field. The main uniqueness of the company is that it has it's own technical manpower as share holders. Most of them are licensed aircraft maintenance Engineers and Pilots with instructor rating training. The team having such broad knowledge of the industry proves that the Airlines is well organized, reliable and safe. the human resources who are involved in the business, Airport handling, Reservations, Sales, Marketing and Indoor Offices of Administration and Corporate are well trained and motivated to the responsibility entrusted to them for the customer as this is believed that Shangri-La Air is entirely a service oriented organization.

Our services are reliable and of international quality. Our computerized system ensures hassele-free reservation. Our aircraft are serviced and maintained regularly by highly qualified engineers. Moreover, our trained staff will make you feel completely at home.

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