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Numerous sites on all types of songs from Pakistan exist, and some even have a few lyrics; however, there is no website dedicated solely to wedding songs sung at dholkis, mayouns, and mehndis. is the only website to present lyrics to "dholak geet" - those songs traditionally sung at wedding functions. Many "gharailu" geet have been included in addition to the more modern songs. Recently, someone told me that living in the West sometimes its only the aunties and older ladies doing the singing - let's change that and keep this wonderful tradition alive! Lyrics are provided in Romanized Urdu so now everyone can join in. Do ask your mums for help with tunes. was launched in March of 2002 and was featured as one of the top 5 Pakistani websites for May in Pakistan's Spider Magazine.

Dholki: A dholki is a pre-wedding function in which girls get together, dress up, and sing wedding songs in honor of the bride or groom-to-be. The primary instruments used are the dhol and the daff, as shown above. For an added beat, one person bangs a metal spoon against the dhol while playing.

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