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The truth is that our customers love our service. We have listed just some of our customer testimonials that we receive on a daily basis. Some real quotes from our happy customers:

"I just wanted to take a minute to say how awsome your service is. It is by far the best around, even when talking of companies that charge more than twice what you guys do. I have dealt with a few companies in the past and must say, none of them even come close to the level of extremely fast, helpful, and friendly service you guys have.

"Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the great support we get from the Servage staff. A big Thumbs Up! :-)"

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Neustadt 16
Flensburg, 24939 GERMANY


Servage GmbH
+39 0461 16098358, Fax: +39 0461 16098359

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REAL Customer Testimonials:

I had my account arbitrarily suspended even though I was nowhere near the bandwidth restrictions advertised. They shut it down on only two hours notice and left a big glaring page saying "account suspended" and ruined my website's growing traffic.

You also cannot contact real people as all of their emails are automated. I would definately NOT recommend if you plan on running a website with more than 4000 unique daily visitors. support is a joke! I have been with Servage for several years now and have NEVER received a quick or satisfactory response to ANY problem that I have had. Once you raise a ticket they respond quickly (obviously because they only monitor primary response times) with some inane "help" which completely misses the point of your problem. It then takes days of going around in circles before you eventually give up. If I didn't have so many domains hosted with them I would have left them a long time ago - as it is I'm stuck with this appalling host  :o( - steer well clear!

I agree that servage is a terrible host! I had registered a domain while using them for hosting, once I realized how terrible the hosting was I canceled. Now they have essentially stole my domain and will not allow me to control it to point to a new server. According to them the only way that I can use it is to re-sign up with them and host it there. This is totally unethical. Beware they are crooks!!

Added 8/19/08: Servage is probably the worst choice you can make, even for a very low traffic personal site/email address. Their customer service is beyond abysmal, really nothing more than a bunch of bad-English emoticons telling you they have no idea what your problem is and that whatever is going wrong is a user error, when that is plainly not the case. I used to refer them to clients and got about 25 people and businesses to use them, and in the last three months there are multiple, random service outages. FTP just shuts off uploads with no explanation. Web pages just partially load and incoming/outgoing email just fails, be it POP or IMAP... and through all of this, anyone at Servage denies there is a problem and offers a :) like that is going to make everything okay...

Servage was cheap and reliable on a small-business scale but now there is no way in h**l I would refer them to anyone for any reason, ever. They had the cheapest IMAP service available and after 18 months of fairly reliable service, they have just fallen apart and are litereally worthless. I am searching for a business to transfer every single one of my clients to because is so bad... I will not even use them for the 4 years of free service I get from all the referrals. RUN AWAY FAST AND FIND ANYONE ELSE. A monkey with an ethernet cable offers better service.

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