is a way to "park" domains and make money. - Make money with Domain Parking

Have you ever thought that you could make money from unused virtual domains that are not even your property? makes it possible for you to make some profit out of undeveloped web space.

Limitations and Payment structure of

A full list of conditions is available on the front page of, so you know exactly what you are getting into. However, all conditions are clear, just make sure you read them thoroughly. One of the main conditions is that you must pay only 10% of the sales price if your domain is parked with Sedo, and there is a limit of no more than $50 commission. So, after all, this can become a highly profitable business, and all you need to do is park some domains with Sedo and let the buyers come and auction for your virtual space.

How to park your domain with

The front page of explains all the information you need to know in order to park your domain. Your benefits from this procedure are also listed and it is said that the domains parked with Sedo are 5 times more likely to sell.

If you think you are able to park a few domains, then just sign up on the front page of The Sign up signal appears several times on this page, so you cannot possibly miss it.

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The website also offers a FAQ section on domain parking, so do not hesitate to click on this link if you have any questions related to domain parking. The FAQ contains a top 10 of the most visited questions as well as FAQ on categories. For a quicker search, you can simply introduce a keyword, and you’ll get some answers. You can be sure that all your questions have an answer on this page.

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The site is available in four languages including English, Spanish, French and German.

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Hohenzollernring 56
Koeln, Koeln D-50672 GERMANY

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Tim Schumacher
+49 221 420 79 57, Fax: +49 800 2402404

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About - The company behind is a part of website, which is one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling domain names and websites. You can buy, sell or park domains using Sedo has over 5 million domains on sale and many websites have found their names via

A very praised feature of is the parking domain-system. This is a way to gain money by simply parking some domain names and selling them to those who would like to have that particular domain. You don’t need to have your own site; will host your parked site and will promote it. There’s no need to learn hosting and programming skills in order to park the domains, does the job for you.

Domain Squatting

Sedo is a system that democratizes so-called domain-squatting. This is a means of making money by registering and holding, at very low cost, a potentially useful or valuable URL. Nothing is done to develop the URL or to create value, but when a business or entrepreneur comes along who needs the domain name to run their business, the domain-squatter extorts as much money as possible in return for freeing up the URL.

The domain-squatter creates no value, but has a strong negotiating position insofar as they control the URL that the entrepreneur needs to start their business. They are generally considered parasites as their net effect is to increase (sometimes dramatically) the start-up costs of ventures while providing no added-value services of any kind. It is a form of digital hostage-taking that the various authorities that govern the workings of the domain-name system have so far lacked the backbone to deal with.

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