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Establishing a website is very frequent among all businesses in the entire world. The virtual space has become a highly wanted space to advertise and promote a business. But how does one go about setting up a website? The procedure is not difficult if you contact the right people. For domain names Sedo is a reliable source. Having a genuine domain name is important and it is subject to the copyright laws.

Domain auctions

Sedo is one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling domain names and websites. You can buy, sell or park domains using this website. Sedo has over 5 million domains on sale and many websites have found their names on this site. The main page of this website shows the featured domain on which you can bid, if you find a name you are interested in. There’re also the top domains, the auction listings and the recent sales. For example, the domain is on auction and the highest bid so far has been of 10,000 EUR. The main page also features Domain News - where you can find out what’s hot on this domain name market. You can also register to get Sedo’s monthly newsletter if you are interested, you need to subscribe in the right-hand bottom of the front page.

There is a domain catalogue, including a few fields of activity such as law, business, careers, culture, leisure, sports, science, most wanted or bargain domains (under $300), Internet, health etc.

Buying and selling domains

The section for buying domains includes domain search, auctions, a catalog, and domain brokerage. You can also buy websites. If you would prefer to hire a domain name broker, Sedo makes it possible for you. If you need a domain name that is already registered, you can apply on Sedo, so it acquires it for you. The selling section of this website comprises domain auctions, domain parking, means to promote domains and last but not least, valuable tips for sellers. A very praised feature of Sedo is the parking domains system. This is a way to gain money by simply parking some domain names. You don’t need to have your own site; Sedo will host your site and will promote it. For more info, you can go to the FAQ section, and you can actually earn money from unused domains.


Sedo has a resources part of the website. Here you will find some legal facts about domains, copyright laws, and names. This page features also the domain name escrow option that you can get from Sedo, which prevents fraud or loss of your domain name.

Sedo offers also a trademark research, so that you know whether your domain name conflicts with any current trademark. The site is available in four languages including English, Spanish, French and German. The website is monetized by Google, so it displays Google ads, but they are discreet and small. The design of the website is pleasant. The site is intuitive and easy to use.

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