Sculling (part of the Olympics theme)

Sculling (part of the Olympics theme)

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Theme description

In the sport of sculling, there are a number of different kinds of skiffs (boats). Some skiffs are meant for one person, some for two, some for four or even eight and a coxswain. In general, in order for the boat to move most efficiently everyone needs to be rowing correctly in the same direction. This kind of environment is very conducive to the large impact of small changes.

Similarly, we all work in projects with as few as one and as many as eight (or more) other people. Also similarly, our projects can derive significant benefits from small improvements.

Your goal this quarter is to brainstorm with your group and for each of you to identify one new process or skill for you personally to implement or acquire - one that will make your project more successful.

The process or skill should not be part of your job description. For example, if you're a project manager, you may not identify that you need more skill in project management. If there is a new process you could implement on your project that is in the general realm of project management, however, that might be acceptable. As always, your submission must glean Dan's approval.

If everyone accomplishes this goal, the company will be treated to a Nats game in late April/early May. Make sure your coworkers are completing the goal!

We must succeed at all four quarterly goals in order to get the annual prize - $500 towards a gym membership or a piece of exercise equipment.

Due date: March 31, 2008. No extensions!

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