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You know that warm feeling when you pick it up with a bag on your hand? I didn't like that feeling.Vahid Vafaei

What Is ScooperGenie?


Located in Bellevue, WA, this small web store offers a versatile product that can be of great use to pet lovers. ScooperGenie is light-weight and easy to use scooper that allows you to 'bag' stuff you may not want to touch. This 'stuff' may be in the form of a 'gift' from your pet that it decided to drop on the walkway or a crawling creature creeping on the ceiling.

You can use this easy to use device without any hassle. Just insert a new bag, scoop up the monstrosity and dispose of it without any additional mess. It a hygienic way to dispose of waste. website demos a video on how easy it is to use this product. You can also conveniently order this pooper scooper online from their website. They accept Paypal and major credit cards.

How It Works

Plug in the disposable frame-basket

  • The innovative disposable bag is constructed of a wire frame and a plastic bag. You simply plug it in; no need to mess around with complicated and possibly contaminated contraptions.

Twist to extend to desired length

  • ScooperGenie only weighs 6.2 ounces and extends from 16 to 32 inches, making it easy to carry and store away.

Pushing forward, scoop under the waste

  • ScooperGenie's handle is made of aluminum, which is both light and sturdy.

Press the eject button to dispose of waste

  • Disposing of the poop bag is simple; just push the release button and the spring loaded release mechanism ejects the bag for you.

Alternate Usage

  • Catch a Spider or other creepy crawlies!
    • Standing from a distance, extend your scooper to the ceiling or the wall where the spider is sitting. Gently scoop the spider into the bag, and then feel free to dump him at a distance back into the wild. The spider will be unable to maneuver himself out of the bag, so don't be afraid of an escape attempt.

Additional Information

  • Scooper bags in a box set of 24 can be bought here
    • Bags are made of a wire frame and a plastic bag

Shipping Policy

  • The company ships out the product on the same business day (M-F), of receiving an order.
  • The company will pay shipping charges for all orders above $139. This is only valid for the continental United States (lower 48 states)
  • A flat rate of $5.95 shipping charge will be included on all orders under $139
  • Actual shipping costs will be charged for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies

  • The company has a three day return policu which states that if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 3 days of your receipt for a complete refund.
  • In the unlikely event that the product is damaged or broken during shipment, the user should save all packing materials, and let the company know immediately. They will arrange for it's return to them and a complete refund.

Points to Ponder

Why its important to pick up pet waste

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Rain or snow runoff can carry pet waste directly into waterways or storm drains, which usually empty without any treatment into a stream, river, or estuary. Untreated fecal matter can be a source of harmful bacteria and nutrients.

  • Pet waste carries disease causing organisms such as Giardia and Salmonella which can make water unsafe for drinking or swimming;
  • To protect the public from illness, swimming beaches and shellfish beds can be shut down due to bacterial contamination, and pet waste can be a cause of that contamination;
  • Pet waste left on playing fields or in parks can be unhealthy and messy…no one wants to step in dog waste at the park or ball field!

(Click here for the source of this information)

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Round Worms and Dog Feces

Roundworms are tiny worms that have a body that is rounded. Normally, they measure between 3-5 inches in length and they reside in the intestines of a dog, consuming food that has been partially processed.

Any dog can get infected with roundworms if they happen to ingest any roundworm eggs. Once they eat the eggs, the worms hatch in their bodies and ultimately make their way to the intestines of the dog.

Preventing Roundworms Your dog can avoid getting roundworms by following these tips:

  • Confirm that mothers are dewormed later in their pregnancy so that the worms are not passed on to their puppies.
  • When your puppies are 2-3 weeks old you should deworm them, and from then on they should be dewormed on a regular basis.
  • Anytime that you discover any type of worm problem, be sure that you immediately treat the problem.
  • Always get rid of any dog poop, whether they are in your yard, at a park, or in a playground, to prevent roundworms from transferring from one dog to another.

(information taken from this article)

ScooperGenie in the News

Business Opportunities

Right now ScooperGenie is only available within the US market however distributors are sought to introduce it in markets all over the world. If you are a business owner or care for pets or simply don't like all the mess that our best friends make, you can become a distributor for this product and introduce it in your local area. See the contact info and get in touch with the folks behind for more information.




4957 Lakemont Blvd SE Suite C-4 #343,
Bellevue, WA

Customer Testimonials

ScooperGenie is a wonderful invention! Our dog, Deli, has a little fenced in area to do her business in, and this product eliminates having to bend and pick up her poops. It is also great to take along on a walk with her. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea.

Judy and Bill Kelley

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