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Schimschack's Restaurant - Sanborn, NY ****


The restaurant opened at the turn of the century and was known as the Lakeview House Hotel. Local legend maintains that it soon became a speak easy. It burnt to the ground in the early 1930's.

A local family, the Schimschacks, bought the property and opened Schimschack's Restaurant in 1934. It was a popular family style restaurant. The restaurant was styled as a rustic farmhouse featuring a pot-bellied stove and red checkered table cloths. It was locally famous for its delicious home-style meals and Mrs. Schimschack's homemade pies. Local farmers also favored it as a meeting place and watering hole.

Schimschacks gained notoriety in 1952 when Marilyn Monroe came to Niagara Falls to film "Niagara". She and the NY Yankees Joe DiMaggio, favored Schimschacks as their private hiding spot.

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