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Welcome! We are family owned and operated in our 27th year of business. We specialize in the resale of North American company lease vehicles to customers anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Vehicle importation assistance between Canada and the U.S. is another service we offer. In conjunction with our U.S. suppliers and Canada's leading leasing companies we are committed to providing you with the best value. Well maintained, accident free company lease return vehicles arrive regularly for you to choose from. We are a BC Approved Government Designated Vehicle Inspection Facility. Two licensed technicians specially trained to perform inspections are on site. We provide the proper documentation required for titling or registering in the U.S. or Canada. Our service department is capable of converting speedometers from kilometers to miles or miles to kilometers when required. View our vehicles over the Internet and by appointment from our indoor showrooms. We can assist with arranging transport to anywhere in North America. Today many large dealerships in AutoMall’s and elsewhere have huge overheads. Stop paying for it! We offer you a new, safe, relaxed, less expensive, simple and more efficient way to acquire your next vehicle. WE CARE. You could pay more…but why would you! Out of town? The Abbotsford Airport is very close to us. WestJet Airlines and Airspeed Aviation have regular flights. Greyhound Bus is also close. We offer free shuttle to our location.
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