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So why should you use us rather than the next media company? Well, there is a little tale and it goes something like this:
A small factory had to cease operations when a vital piece of machinery broke down. The firm's own mechanics couldn't get a thing working again so an outside expert was called in. He looked the situation over for a couple of minutes and then took a hammer and tapped the machine in a certain spot and it started running beautifully. When he submitted a bill for £100 the plant owner figuratively hit the ceiling and demanded an itemised bill, which subsequently was forthcoming as follows: £1.00 for hitting machine; £99.00 for knowing where to hit.
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10 Sutton Rd
Basingstoke, Hants RG21 5SU UNITED KINGDOM


Adam Pink
+44 8453633633, Fax: +44 8453633631

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