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throughout the site. This site belongs to my beloved husband, Michael. This is his Walk in life. He is a pipe-holder in the Native American Way and is the most Spirit-filled man I know. I am SO blessed to have this Man in my life. He has been my friend and confidant since I was 12. He has been my best friend for 29 years and my husband for 20! (This Year!)

Michael is alot like me...he believes in Angels wholeheartedly, believes in Jesus Christ, Our Father, The Great Spirit, A Goddess, Mary Our fact Michael is one of the most Eclectic men I know. He will never tell you your religion is wrong, in fact he will discuss it with you and even go to Church with you if the invitation is there. He will never try to convert you, bash you, treat you with disrespect, only honor *your* Walk, as he would want *his* Walk honored and respected.

I hope you will take a few minutes today to go to his site Father Sky Gifts and see his newest endeavor. You see, he was also "hit in the head" by the Spirit to create this website. He has been having a blast building it (all by hand, I might add!), ordering supplies and making himself an "office space" (complete with coffee pot *S*!) Take a look around and drop him an e-mail to let him know you found him here. He will be tickled to death! His site is small at the moment, but it will grow to be as large as Sarah's Archangels is. Of that I am sure!

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