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Slogan: "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."

Newly adopted slogan: "The joy of eating!"

Sara Lee is an American consumer-goods corporation based in Chicago, Illinois, whose main focus is a line of prepackaged and frozen foods. Founded in 1939, the brand enjoys one of the strongest recognized names amongst consumers across North America, Europe, and a good portion of the globe. Their name is almost synonymous with such products as prepared desserts and baked goods. In addition, their diversification into many other lines of products ensures that a product of Sara Lee corporation makes an appearance in virtually every home kitchen in the industrialized world.

Website is a showy web site with some Flash animation and information about their many products. The site includes sections about their main "Sara Lee" brand, a list of their other brands, a section for investor relations, company news, an information section for those seeking employment with the company, and even a visitor's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The site is very much on a consumer level, reflecting the company's strong brand recognition in stores and the direct marketing nature of their business.


Sara Lee brands currently span many food as well as non-food industries. Their brands are divided into seven main groups of bakery, beverage, meats, body care, air care, insecticides, and shoe care. By category:

  • Bakery
    • Bimbo, Bistro Collection, Bon Gateaux, Bony, Chef Pierre, Colonial, CroustiPâte, Earth Grains, IronKids, Madame Brioche Martinez, Ortiz, Rainbo, Sara Lee, Silueta
  • Beverage
    • Butter-Nut Cappuccino, Bravo, Caboclo, Café Continental, Café do Ponto, Café Pilão, Cafitesse, Chat Noir, Douwe Egberts, Harris, Hornimans, Jacqmotte, Java Coast, Justin Lloyd, Kanis & Gunnink, Kayo, Laurentis, Maison du Café, Marcilla, Maryland Club, Merrild, Metropolitan, Moccona, Natreen, Natrena, Paradise, Piazza d'Oro, Pickwick, Prebica, Prima, Santora, Seleto, Senseo, Soley, Steamers, Suntipt, Superior, Uniao, Van Nelle
  • Meats
    • Ball Park, Best's Kosher, Bryan, Deli d'Italia, Deli Perfect, Emeril, Galileo, Gallo Salame, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Kahn's, Kir, Mr. Turkey, R.B. Rice, Rudy's Farm, Sara Lee, State Fair, West Virginia Brand, Zwan, Zwancito
  • Body Care
    • Badedas, Block & White, Brylcreem, Duschdas, Eskinol, Fissan, Glysolid, Jovan, Monsavon, Prodent, Proderm, Radox, S3, Sanex, She, Status, Williams, Zendium, Zwitsal
  • Air Care
    • Ambi Pur, Ty-D-Bol
  • Insecticides
    • Bloom, Catch, Cruz+Verde, Cucal, Good Knight, Hit, Jet, Polil, Pyrel, Ridsect, Vapona
  • Shoe Care

A "trivia stumper" question might be: What is their most international brand? The answer is Kiwi shoe care products, which is the global leader of that market and is found in 180 countries around the world.

The company also briefly dabbled in women's apparel; however as of 2006 they have sold that branch of their business to an affiliate in Europe.


To answer what is probably the most frequently-pondered point, there really is a person named Sara Lee. She was 8 years old when her father, Charles Lubin, decided to name his cheesecake after her in 1935. Mr. Lubin operated a bakery in Chicago at the time, which soon became known as "the kitchens of Sara Lee". The Lubins stayed in business for decades, making a business breakthrough in 1953 when they got an order for cakes from Texas. The kitchen perfected a method for freezing foods so that they preserved their flavor and texture, and the shipment arrived in Texas as fresh as it had been prepared in Chicago. This helped the Lubin's business to grow into an interstate operation.

Not long after, the company was purchased by Consolidated Grocers Corporation, who eventually adopted "Sara Lee" as the name of their corporation in 1985. This was done because Sara lee was their most successful brand. And so the business grew into what we now see today.

Business profile

Sara Lee Corporation makes annual revenue in excess of $20 billion. They employ approximately 140,000 people, operating from 30 states in the U.S. and 57 other countries worldwide. They sell in over 200 countries. Its ranking is #111 in the Fortune 500 list.




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