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SaneBull Market Monitor

SaneBull is a Web 2.0 Live Market Monitor tool. Its built around your content, allowing you to track your feeds, portfolio, and other stock information. SaneBull is a financial start page, with power of NetVibes, but for financial content. SaneBull has been built around popular frameworks such as scriptaculous, prototype, and PWC. It is a work in progress, currently featuring version 2. It is fully customizable, allow user registration, and live portfolio tracking. Live updates are done via Ajax, with different update speeds for entries. Stock quote is monitored and refreshed every 5 seconds, while market watch and portfolio items are updated every 20 seconds. Live headlines are also fed down to the client via Ajax and update every 5 minutes. SaneBull is designed for a web savvy people who care about getting their data on time...


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