Samurai Cast - Power Rangers: Super Samurai. We bring you the latest information, images, and HD videos from Saban's Power Rangers: Super Samurai. Samurai Cast delivers the ultimate fan experience with the largest collection of Power Rangers Samurai images and video clips. The site is updated immediately after new episodes with the latest pictures and clips. power rangers, power, rangers, samurai, super samurai, power rangers samurai, power rangers super samurai, shinkenger, power rangers 2011, saban, marvista, teaser, promo, pictures, toys, bandai, movie clips, opening theme, theme, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, ranger, rangers, alex heartman, hector david jr, najee de-tiege, erika fong, brittany pirtle, moogles, rick medina, origins, teamup, clash, video game, wii, dvds, power rangers mega force, power rangers megaforce, licensing expo, licensing, expo, timelife, shout!, shout factory, box set, lionsgate

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