Ever notice how the most talented folks are the ones who really love what they're doing? There's a connection. Passion drives performance. At Saltmine, we're invested in everything we do, and that enthusiasm shows up in every project that comes through our doors. Since 1993, we've developed, grown, and maintained lasting partnerships with top corporations that include Microsoft, BP, and AT&T Wireless. We also work with the leading companies of tomorrow — creating solutions that provide imagination, efficiencies, and growth.

We've been pioneers in adopting and implementing a variety of technologies, from Multimedia Flash to Web services to Microsoft .NET. Our experience and know-how have given us the edge that gives our clientele a competitive advantage. With specialists in all areas of online design and development, our technical capabilities include custom application development, .NET development, systems integration, and technical consulting/long-term strategy. Our design portfolio includes a wide range of design and creative concepts from marketing Web sites to complex interactive software.

Our first priority is to understand your goals and challenges and then create solutions that focus on adding value to your operations. By integrating design, technology, and marketing, we're able to improve financial and operational performance, drive customer relationships, and facilitate collaboration among suppliers, customers, and employees.

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