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What is SafetyLit?

Information about injury occurrence and prevention is available from many sources. The weekly SafetyLit update provides abstracts of English language reports from researchers in 35 disciplines relevant to preventing unintentional injuries, violence, and self-harm. SafetyLit staff and volunteers regularly examine more than 2600 scholarly journals from many nations. We also review conference proceedings and reports from government agencies and organizations. SafetyLit summaries are drawn from anthropology, economics, education, engineering specialties, ergonomics, law and law enforcement, medicine, physiology, psychology, public health, public safety, nursing, social work, traffic safety, and other fields.

The SafetyLit update is available in three versions: by email, on the Web, and via RSS. These services are available without cost and there are no advertisements in any of our media.

Now in our 9th year, the SafetyLit email update has more than 24,000 subscribers in 186 nations. The SafetyLit Web site receives more than 45,000 unique visitors every week.( View more information about SafetyLit subscribers. ) If you find SafetyLit useful, please tell your colleagues.

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