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SEOmoz-logo image 1.png redirects to, one of the most highly regarded search-engine optimization firms in the business. Located in Seattle, Washington, the firm is known for its informative blog, and for sending its employees to speak at SEO conferences all over the world.

Various SEO Tools offered by's offers a range tools for web-publishers and online marketers. Some of these tools are offered free of cost while others require you to set up an account and pay the subscription fee.

The free tools include an Open Site Explorer which can be used to find out important metrics like the number of backlinks to a page, top pages on a website etc; an SEO toolbar for Firefox; Trifecta, designed to measure the relative popularity of a website, a web-page or a blog; Term Gadget which helps analyze the effectiveness of various page elements as far as a certain keyword is concerned and GeoTargeting Detection tool among others.

The paid tools include a Rank Tracker, which can track your website's rank at all major search engines; Crawl Test, which analyzes the page elements on your website to see if there are any problems with search engine crawls on your site; Keyword Difficulty, which can tell how easy or difficult it is to work with a certain keyword keeping in view the competition with other companies or websites in the online sphere; Juicy Link Finder, a tool for finding out the most authoritative pages for any keyword - all these and other SEO tools are offered to users who set up a paid account on




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United States

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