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SAS is the world's largest independent vendor of business analytics and business intelligence software. The company offers the full range of business intelligence solutions to companies all over the world, including 96 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune Global 500.

SAS has been on the forefront of information technology for 30 years, maintaining an unbroken string of 29 years of growth and profitability.

From research project to world's largest business intelligence software firm

Jim Goodnight, John Sall and a handful of North Carolina State University colleagues created a statistical business analysis system in the early 1970s to analyze agricultural-research data. Demand for the software skyrocketed. The group began selling the software in 1976. Now, SAS is the world's largest independent vendor of business analytics and business intelligence software.

The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings. SAS boasted 2009 revenue of $2.31 billion. It invested nearly a quarter of that money in research and development. The investment is key in helping the U.S.-based company achieve its mission to drive innovation and improve company performance for its customers.

Business analytics software for greater insight

A company's greatest asset is its data. SAS offers unparalleled analytics to collect, classify and analyze data to reveal patterns and key variables. The result for customers is new insight and quick answers. It's all part of SAS' mission to provide customers with "the power to know."

SAS Analytics provides:

  • Data mining takes raw data from across an organization and uncovers trends and patterns. SAS' text mining solution analyzes text-based documents the same way.
  • Data visualization turns analysis into dynamic and comprehensive graphics for improved decision making and presentations.
  • Forecasting
  • Model management and deployment
  • Operations research
  • Quality improvement
  • Business Statistics
  • Text analytics

Business intelligence software for fast answers

Some business intelligence software provides only hindsight. SAS' business intelligence solution allows customers to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes for the future.

What's more, SAS' business intelligence solution integrates data from across an enterprise and offers self-service reporting and analysis methods. That way decision-makers spend less time looking for answers from the IT staff.

SAS performance management software not only manages but improves performance

Performance management helps an organization leverage its assets to achieve short- and long-term strategic goals. In today's world of meeting quarterly or annual targets, a quality performance management system can help control costs, understand what drives value, improve a company's agility, and identify and respond to environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities.

Performance management software from SAS can help an organization achieve all of the above and then some. The software offers a multipronged strategy that includes:

SAS chart.png
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Financial consolidation, budgeting, planning and reporting
  • Cost and profitability analysis
  • Human and IT capital analysis
  • Customer and supplier intelligence
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Sustainability management
  • Advanced analytics

SAS risk management software drives business growth

One of the most important steps in getting where you want to go as a business is avoiding pitfalls along the way. That means implementing risk management into everyday processes at each level of the organization.

SAS enterprise risk management software promises a unified approach of protection including:

  • Integrated, comprehensive data management
  • The most powerful predictive analytics available
  • User-friendly, self-service reporting
  • A transparent environment that lets you manage the entire process, from identifying risk to measuring, mitigating and monitoring it on an ongoing basis.

Its comprehensive approach to enterprise risk management excellent earned top rankings from Chartis RiskTech 100 and OpRisk & Compliance magazine. SAS counts more than 2,900 financial institutions worldwide, including 96 percent of the banks on the 2006 Fortune Global 500.

SAS offers enterprise risk management software specific to the following industries:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Insurance

SAS forecasting software for superior supply chain management

Supply chain management requires meticulous planning and forecasting. The SAS forecasting for SAP APO solution offers powerful, yet user-friendly forecasting capabilities, including:

SAS chart.png
  • Large-scale, automated, statistical forecast model selection and optimization
  • Complete model repository with a full range of forecasting methods
  • Event modeling for sales promotions, marketing events and other external events
  • What-if analysis and scenario planning
  • Comprehensive reporting environment for planners

SAS differentiates itself from the competition by offering core planning techniques combined with custom algorithms. The SAS forecasting for SAP APO software provides forecasts for each item at every level.

SAS leader in financial intelligence software

Demand for compliance and financial transparency is at an all-time high. Organizations need efficient and accurate financial management systems more than ever. Putting together an annual financial report or budget needn't be an exhaustive quest any longer, though.

SAS financial intelligence software provides everything a finance department needs on one platform. The SAS financial intelligence solution offers:

Canada companies succeed with SAS business analytics software

SAS counts 92 of the top 100 companies on the 2009 Fortune Global 500 list as customers. More than 45,000 government, business and university sites in 118 countries use SAS solutions.

SAS opened a physical office in Canada in 1998.

SAS Canada customers include powerhouses from a range of industries including RBC, Bell Canada, CIBC and BMO.

More than 250 SAS employees servce Canadian customers from offices in Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronoto. The company's online customer support center provides 24/7 access for technical support, reference information and educational resources. SAS also offers seminars, webcasts and training courses.


Our profitability around marketing interventions programs is much higher because of the precision of understanding that SAS provides.David Norton, Chief marketing officer, Harrah's Entertainment

It's not an exaggeration to say that use of SAS tools will — in some way, shape or form — affect or influence about half of the bank's 55,000 employees.

Ted Brewer, Vice president of customer information management, Royal Bank of Canada

SAS business analytics have helped us attract 20 million new customers, and repeat business has gone from less than 40 percent to greater than 50 percent.

Chris McCann, president, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

SAS is the linchpin of our supply chain management strategy.

Gary Kathley, Custom pak materials manager, Alcon

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