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Rutgers, eighth oldest in the country, the state university of New Jersy, was founded in 1766. Today the university is one of the best public universities of US, a land grant institution with many campuses across the state. Rutgers offers majors in over 100 fields and thousands of courses in its 30 schools/colleges, to some 50,000 students annually, across 4 campuses.

Campuses and Colleges

Rutgers’ three main campuses are located at:

  • Camden Campus
  • Newark Campus
  • New Brunswick/ Piscataway Campus

Student Body

The Rutgers' student body includes around 50,000 annually, 12,000 of whom are graduate students.


Rutgers' has a rich faculty that keeps the Rutgers' as one of the leading public research university of America. It employs over 2,500 faculty, 99 % of whom hold the terminal degree in their field! Robert Trivers, a Rutgers' professor of anthropology, has won the Crafoord Prize of Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, in Biosciences for his work on social behavior in animals in 2007.

High Points

  • As per the U.S. News & World Report, Rutgers' is 2nd and 4th in Women’s History and African-American History, respectively.
  • As per the Academic Analytics Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, Rutgers' is 2nd , 2nd and 9th in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Spanish and Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, respectively.
  • As per the Philosophical Gourmet Report, Rutgers' came 1st in English speaking world in many disciplines of philosophy.
  • As per the U.S. News & World Report, Rutgers–Newark is first for the tenth year in a row as the most Diverse National University.
  • As per the Business Week the Rutgers' Business School–Newark and New Brunswick ranked 5th and 6th for strategy and finance, respectively.
  • As per the Planetize the Rutgers' School of Planning and Public Policy is 8th in America.

Rutgers’ research helped mass produce original soups of Al Yeganeh, immortalized as the Soup Nazi in a 1995 Seinfeld episode, in nurturing the state’s cranberry/blueberry industry through integrated pest management program, in complete deciphering of the DNA of rice, to improvements in hearing aid technology, to counter health threats from chemical warfare or terrorism, to advancement of women’s art, etc.

Notable Alumni

Some of the Prominent Alumni of Rutgers' include, Sol Barer, CEO and founder of Celgene Corporation, Randal Pinkett, Rhodes Scholar and entrepreneur, Mario Batali, a celebrity chef, Joseph Roberts, Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly, Janet Evanovich, Novelsit, Calista Flockhart, of Ally Mac Beal fame etc.

Brief History

  • Rutger’s University was chartered on November 10, 1766, by William Franklin, Benjamin Franklin's son and the last Colonial governor of New Jersey.
  • In May, 1771 it is decided to establish Queen's College in New Brunswick. The first classes are held in November in a downtown tavern, the Sign of the Red Lion to the college's handful of students by Frederick Frelinghuysen, 18-year-old stepson of the college's president!
  • In 1774, Queen's College holds its first commencement exercises. *Nineteen-year-old Matthew Leydt is the only graduate!
  • Lacking both funds and tutors, it is decided to close in 1795.
  • The college reopened in 1808.
  • War economy of 1812 forces another closure.
  • In November, 1825 the college finally reopens and continues to grow till today.
  • In December, college was renamed after Colonel Henry Rutgers, a Revolutionary War hero, a wealthy philanthropist and perceived epitome of Christian values.

Funny, it is! In 1826, Rutger gives a $200 bell (seen on the cupola of the Old Queen's College) and the interest on a $5,000 bond and in 1830, when he were dead, a third of his estate was given to charity, without a penny being doled out for Rutgers College! So it was said! Check website!

  • In 1864, Rutgers' becomes the state land-grant college, winning over Princeton University.
  • On May 2, 1866, the first intercollegiate athletic event in Rutgers history is held.
  • 1876, Rutgers starts graduate programs.
  • 1924, Rutgers College was officially christened Rutgers University.
  • 1990, Rutgers confers its 250,000th degree.


Rutgers University has good housing both on and off campus type. One can find all info and enroll at . If you want just to know how many spaces are there in all, no you would get lost in that maze of links in the site, a bit too much linked!

Library and Information Systems

Rutgers has over twenty libraries and centers on different campuses as well as RU-Online the digital library of Rutgers. Information can be had from website


Rutgers' is The Birthplace of American Intercollegiate Football. It is born when Rutgers' and Princeton played the first game of intercollegiate football in New Brunswick and continues today. Rutgers' sports programs attract some 1,000 students in all fields. Women's basketball, men's soccer and baseball are notable.


The Office of State Relations at Rutgers is the university's liaison office to state government, with reference to the annual budget process, capital appropriations, legislation and regulations and other issues related to the university.


  • Rutgers Focus is the university’s electronic newspaper of faculty and staff. It provides important information to the university community, including changes in university policies, administrative appointments, research developments, and events and activities taking place on Rutgers' three campuses and facilities across New Jersey.
  • The Rutgers Magazine is for alumni and friends, published three times a year.
  • RU-tv has been named the Best Student-Run Campus Television Network by MTVU at AHECTA 2006.


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