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Rubber Mulch an amazing breakthrough in Playground surfacing. In an effort to preserve the environment, Rubber-Mulch manufactures a rubber granule product recycled from 100% scrap tires. Consumers love our rubber mulch because it’s safe, economical, long-lasting and most importantly, environment-friendly.

Rubber Mulch is a unique product that consists of granular rubber particles, also referred to as rubber chunks, nuggets and shredded rubber. Rubber Mulch tire chips conform to all CPSC safety guidelines and has earned ADA approval, making playgrounds safe for our children while preserving the environment. Rubber Mulch is the most economical playground safety surface which is lifetime guaranteed. Rubber Mulch retains its resiliency year round and is available in an array of vibrant colors to enhance your playground. Rubber Mulch's effectiveness in reducing playground injuries has been proven as a safe playground safety surface, so parents can now relax while their children are having a great time!

Rubber Curbs are the most effective barrier that can be used to contain your playground mulch. Rubber Curbs are available in both six and eight-inch heights. Rubber Curbs are easy to install, virtually maintenance free and come with a twenty year warranty.



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