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Whilst searching for a quick way to improve our sister sites Page Ranking, we came across various link exchange sites. They are all email based systems where both parties have to manually add in HTML to their link pages and check that the other is displaying their link, which is a time consuming process and it can take months to build up a decent link network...

There had to be a better way, so we set up the simplesitelinks. Our model requires no manual updating, is fully automated and provides RSS Feeds containing relevant related, MultiSite and Reciprocal links, in minutes.

The RSS Link Exchange is an automated MultiSite (sometimes known as 3-way) & Reciprocal link delivery system. We provide HTML and RSS feeds containing site descriptions and links to other related sites using an advanced site matching algorithm that uses Google PageRank and Alexa site usage data. Our users display these feeds on their site and Search Engines like Google (and others) read the links and use them to calculate the relevancy of their site content. Our link feeds combine both MultiSite and Reciprocal links. Read more about Link Exchanges and how you can use us to promote your website, free, here.

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