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Royal Blunts-The Best Cigars in the World


Royal Blunts’ ability to corner the marketplace has become #1 has put them a millennium leap above the competition. Utilizing intensive market research, including focus groups, helps them stay in close proximity of what their target market wants. Unique flavors, the “Born in Dates” on the packaging, the cutting edge advertising and artwork, have created huge demand with the store owners as well as consumers.

Royal Blunts Inc. is a forward thinking, cutting edge firm that allows distributors and retailers alike to sell with confidence. POS materials, advertising, great packaging and quality merchandise for a fair and competitive price draws everyone to their well established product lines.

Royal Blunts owns their own sate of the art engineering equipment and has patent on its machinery to ensure their ability to maintain the quality and freshness of all their products – for a lifetime. Look for big plans and a bright future for Royal Blunts as they expand their product lines with exotic cigar flavors. Royal Blunts has wide distribution in the United States, Europe and other countries, through their distributor network for all products.

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