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Consider that the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the social controllers is the media. The incessant hammering and repetition of any prefabricated half-truth can become reality through the sheer force of manufactured consent. All the while the misdirection of our attentions and overwhelming of our senses can make us forget any salient facts. This media not only en-culturates us, but also conditions us to accept institutions that govern our behaviour. Our heroes, and our villains are archetypes that fulfill a role intended to provide us with a model of the accepted social norms and the consequences for transgression.


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Additional Information

His real name is Jeff Stoddard and he was born in Nova Scotia Canada. (1967 or 1970)

Sometime in the early 1990's he relocated to Vancouver British Columbia and met up with Rhys Fulber, Chris Peterson and John McRae. They released an album together working under the name Will in 1991 called "Pearl Of Great Price". The album was a huge hit with the underground Goth crowd, spawning the Dance floor hit, "Father Forgive", but the album was widely criticized in the main stream press for McRae's vocal stylings which were likened to listening to a whining junkie scream in the throes of with-drawl. More than likely they found this to be funny rather than an insult.

Rhys, Chris and Jeff then moved on to work with Front Line Assembly to work on the seminal release entitled, "caustic Grip" The album was a huge success and cemented F.L.A.'s place as powerhouse in the Industrial EBM music genres. Sometime around 1993or 1994 Chris John and Jeff set up shop in Skinny Puppy's Vancouver Studio, Subconscious, and began to write the material found on Decree's sophomore release, "Wake of Devastation". Their sole intent was to create the most violent audio assault ever laid down to tape. For anyone who has heard the album it would seem mission accomplished in spades.

Jeff disappeared for a few years and the net based new-group rumor machines claimed he was either dead or in the Betty Ford Clinic; (I met him 2002 at the MIDEM Music Industry meeting in Cannes France and he looked healthy and happy to me.) Where he was is still unclear but he re-emerged a few years later mixing and mastering an album for the seminal O.C. punk rock outfit, The Exploding Fuck Dolls.

His next appearance was for Sony/BMG in Taiwan mixing singles for rock bands. The exact extent of his work for them is unclear but in 2003 he released "Defenestrated" working under the pseudonym ROUGHHAUSEN.

Since then (2003) there have been 3 or 4? releases under that name plus numerous mixing and mastering jobs. The Roughhausen material meanders between rage filled grindcore electronicia/industrial rock and full on chemical beats and techno/EBm material. however, aside from the anger it seems to have a common theme that is almost a "searching" into the dark spots of the human condition

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