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RottenTomatoes.jpg is a internet website owned by IGN Entertainment which focuses on critical reviews of movies, videos, and games. is unique in how they gather and organize the reviews for each movie, but they also offer a full featured movie data site.


Rotten Tomatoes was launched in1998 by a movie aficionado, Senh Duong. In 2004, IGN Entertainment bought the site. The name of the site is a reference to the tradition of throwing tomatoes or other produce at performers if the crowd did not approve. This tradition is now frowned upon and in many cases is illegal, but the concept still provides a fresh approach to movie reviews.

How It Works staff searches for and compiles published reviews from critical reviewers for movies, videos and games. The reviews are then divided between positive reviews (called fresh, and denoted by a red tomato image) and negative reviews (called rotten, and denoted by a smashed green tomato).

The site then keeps a database of reviews for each product reviewed, and what percentage are positive reviews and what percentage are negative reviews. If 60% or more of the reviews are positive, the film/game is marked as fresh. On the contrary, if 40% or more of the reviews are negative, the product is marked as rotten.

The current best reviewed film is Toy Story 2, which has 106, reviews, all of which are fresh (positive) reviews. There are actually over 100 films with 100% positive reviews. There are over 200 films that have 100% negative reviews, though. Only films with 20 or more reviews are counted, though.

Other Features

In addition to movie reviews, also features trailers, multimedia, image galleries, movie data, a discussion forum, and an online store. The online store includes DVDs, VHS videos, soundtracks, posters, DVD players, and video games. The store uses to allow users to locate the best price on the merchandise they want.

Rotten Tomatoes claims that if a soundtrack is not on their site, it is not available. This assertion is not true, though. Take for example the Anne Of Green Gables soundtrack, which is available from the manufacturer at but not available from Rotten Tomatoes.

The discussion forums allow users to discuss movies, video games, and related topics.

UK Version

Rotten Tomatoes launched a UK version of the site in November 2006. The UK version has more UK reviewers and is aimed at a UK audience.




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The Toronto Star regularly publishes reviews and data from Rotten Tomatoes for its readers.

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