RollerFeeder squirrel proof bird feeder and bird feeders.


The RollerFeeder Bird Feeders, Patented Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Design.


RollerFeeder: Like most people, we started feeding birds as a hobby and something for the kids to enjoy. It was easy and gratifying at first, just buy or build a simple storage type bird feeder, hang it, and fill with seed. It was nice in the morning to see the chickadees and other small birds visit.

It wasn’t until later (about 2 days) when the problems started. First, squirrels emptied it daily and kept clinging on the feeder keeping the smaller birds away. Then, blackbirds, starlings and house sparrows started to come around, adding to the disruption and competing for food with the small birds, they were as bad as squirrels. Our pleasant and brief bird watching experience soon became a circus with squirrels running around everywhere and nuisance birds in the yard.

I thought of the RollerFeeder after reading an article about someone who had the typical problems and used a cable strung between two trees. On both sides of the feeder, they placed several plastic bottles that would spin when a squirrel tried to access the feeder. It was clever but not something most people would want in their yards - the RollerFeeder incorporated the concept into an all-in-one design and the first prototype RollerFeeder came to be soon after.

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