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Human beings are considered omnivorous because they eat both animal products and plants. However, there are people who are vegetarians because they have bought the idea that the human digestive system was not meant to digest meat. Others are vegetarians for religious reasons as they believe it's wrong to eat an animal, which they believe also has a soul like that of mankind. Whatever the case, nutrition is an important bodybuilding requirement. In fact, you cannot gain any muscle if you do not eat right. The following are diet plans for both meat eaters and vegetarians:

Paleo Diet

This is a meat-based diet that's also known as the paleolithic diet. As the name suggests, the diet is based on what our ancestors used to eat long before agriculture was invented. It proposes consumption of animal proteins for survival. Since our predecessors were primarily hunters, they ate meat from wild animals and insects. Since they were much more muscular, stronger, taller and lived longer, this type of diet still has a place in modern society. If you are not a vegetarian, you can follow the paleo diet program. However, you should make some changes, since your body body will have a high energy demand. For instance, you should include a lot of carbohydrates in your diet. Be sure to eat lots of bananas, which are usually packed with calories. Other fruits and vegetables are also welcome.

Vegetarian Diet

If you do not eat meat or animal products for whatever reason, you can still meet your body's nutritional needs during the bodybuilding program by eating plant proteins. Beans, peas and nuts are all great. Ideally, you should eat meals that are full of legumes. There are dozens of different types of legumes that you can choose from, so you will never run out ideas. Legumes can provide the body with all the proteins you need to build your physique, but you will have to find a different source of carbohydrates. This can be whole grain bread, boiled corn, rice, spaghetti, macaroni or pastries among others. A vegetarian diet can be just as tasty as a paleo diet, if not tastier. Be sure to also include some fruits and veggies in your diet.

An important nutritional requirement during the fitness program is water. Every single cell in your body requires water. Did you know that the body is over 75% water? Well, you need to replenish all the water that is lost through sweating, urination as well as through the lungs when breathing.

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