Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

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  • Dominic Rubino
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Theme description

Our Quarterly theme started out being called the "Rockefeller Reset". Ho Hum. This was our 2nd time through as a team, 3rd as the Executive team. We're still working on the "rythm". We are fanatical about the daily huddle.(**)

Since we are a group of 40 something ( and sports minded) Business Coaches and Sales Professionals, a healthy undercurrent of competition runs through our organization. The movie "Balboa" was just coming out, so this title just made sense.

A simple google search of the term "Rocky" and some great visuals came up. One of our main goals was to get publicly recognized, by our franchisees for having outstanding franchisee support. Last year we placed 11th out of 350 North American Franchises. After the Rocky II theme, we placed 2nd! (

(**) We do the huddle by Skype conference call daily, although we are all seperated geographically. Not one of us is in the same time zone!

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