Rockwood 2000 - A civic organization in Rockwood, Tennessee


Rockwood 2000 was born in January 1991. A group of citizens and business owners met, and a cry for the revitalization of Rockwood Tennessee went forth. A board of directors was chosen, a charter written, and Rockwood 2000 became a nonprofit organization.

In June of 1991, a subcommittee of Rockwood 2000 called the Rockwood Christmas Committee was formed. The idea was conceived when a group of historic home owners met at the Sewell Howard home on Kingston Avenue. An idea for a Christmas Home tour to showcase our heritage as well as the historic district emerged from this meeting. From July of 1991 to December of 1992, $52,000 of Christmas lighting was designed and purchased for the city through private donations. Included in this project was a 40 foot star now placed on Mt. Roosevelt which cradles Rockwood. On December 7, 1991 the first home tour set the precedent of a 15 year tradition exemplifying Rockwood's southern Christmas hospitality.

For fifteen years, Rockwood 2000 has enjoyed the blessings of phenomenal community support. Mayors and members of the city council have allied with us in pursuing our ongoing renaissance. We anticipate many years of continued success, and we encourage interested members of our community to join us in our pursuit of the revitalization of Rockwood.

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Rockwood 2000
PO Box 933
Rockwood TN
US 37854

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