Rochelle Caller ID Business Solutions for Computer Telephony Integration v Multi-Line Caller ID, Multiline Caller ID, Caller ID Computer Software for Pizza Delivery and Restaurant Point of Sale, 4-Line Caller ID, 6-Line Caller ID, Caller ID decoder with USB, DTMF Decoders, Call Logging


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Rochelle Communications manufactures caller id and dtmf computer adapters for computer telephony and call accounting; Point-of-sale (POS) and restaurant and pizza delivery software integration will reduce crank calls and false orders, reduce the time to take an order, improving efficiency, and enhancing driver safety. With our caller id products, call centers can improve customer service with call logging software and automate order entry; Contact management software and telephone line monitoring rely on multi-line caller id decoders to reduce call time with a pop of the caller’s database information on screen; Computer telephony integration (CTI) value added resellers (VAR) can use the inbound and outbound call monitoring capability of our products for a number of vertical industries; Our caller id computer decoders, adapters, and interface devices support USB and RS-232 standards; They can also be used with Windows XP, Linux, Macintosh, and other computers; Come and have a look at how we can help your business solutions with caller id.



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