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RI Logo.jpg is a site that exclusively features the Christian Band, Roca Inmovible. Roca Inmovible performs in a variety of musical genre in both Spanish and English but mostly perform in the style of Latin-Caribbean music originating from Puerto Rico, such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata, and bolero. Other genres includes worship, gospel, a capella, and soft rock. The band originated and still is centrally located in Chelsea, MA.

It’s in the Name (or multiple names)

The translation of Roca Inmovible is unmovable rock with the slogan “Edifica su casa sobre la Roca Inmovible,” being “Build your house on an unmovable rock.” This is in reference to the biblical verse found in Mathews 7:24 in which it states, "Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

There has been some theories about the name and slogan representing more than what it seems. It has been said that the name represents the band as only performing around one location, like a rock that never moves. However, since the slogan is "Build your house on an unmovable rock," it has also been said that the band was more like a foundation for other ministries to build on, such as Evangelist, formations of other bands, or the impact of services in which the group performs.

Roca Inmovible is quite a unique band as officially, it has one name, Roca Inmovible. However, the band is known by multiple names, such as Roca Inconmovible, and Los Hermanos Maldonados (The Maldonado's Brother). Roca Inconmovible was the original name of the group and those who still call the band by that name have known the band since the formation in the late 1980's/ early 1990's. Those who call the band "Los Hermanos Maldonados" may have started that particular name from the 1980's through 2000's, where the majority of the band members were part of one family under the Maldonado family name.

It is quite often that a phrase or word is said before Roca Inmovible. Such words/phrases includes agrupacion (group), agrupacion musical (musical group), ministerio (ministry), and ministerio musical (musical ministry)

Roca Inmovible's logo features a rhombus that transitions from black at the top left to red at the bottom right. Over the rhombus is a black G-Clef. To the right of the rhombus and G-Clef is Roca Inmovible and below that is "Edifica su casa sobre la Roca Inmovible" in quotations. This logo was based on a designed by former member and director Juan Maldonado from the first business card design for the group. The only difference between Juan Maldonado's version and the one that is used now is that the "R" in Roca Inmovible in Juan's version is red while the one that is in use is black. Since then, the logo went through little changes.

On the website, Roca Inmovible logo also includes musical notes to the right of it. This started off being just to make the logo on the website different than those on the business cards. However, as time went on, the notes started representing the versions of the website, with the G-Clef in the rhombus representing the first version released in 2004.

Website History

Roca Inmovible Homepage (Feb. 2004 – Nov. 2004)
The website of Roca Inmovible was created in February 2004 using the free hosting plan of under the address The website consisted of five pages which were the homepage, sample page, upcoming events page, contact page, and a pop-up map displaying where Roca Inmovible perfomed. The homepage featured a page with headlines and the date of the update and was usually updated after one of Roca Inmovible’s performances. The samples page featured musical clips from Roca Inmovible’s CD, “Llego Jesus” which was released in 2003. The events page would inform the visitor of events where Roca Inmovible will perform, all written in HTML. The contact page featured the email address where Roca Inmovible could be contacted, the address of the church Roca Inmovible is attending, and the phone number of the director. The map was simply using pictures from the 1999 version of Compton’s Complete Street Guide and placing markers at various places. The markers were three different color rhombuses, red being used for where Roca Inmovible performed as a group, blue being where the musicians of Roca Inmovible performed and green being where Roca Inmovible has both performed as a group and only musicians.

Roca Inmovible Homepage (Mar. 2005 – Nov. 2006)
Roca Inmovible Homepage (Nov. 2004 – Mar. 2005)
On November 20, 2004, Roca Inmovible did a full website makeover to implement the use of iframes. The new website had two iframes, one iframe for the menu and the other for the content. There was also a link to the original website if the browser a visitor was using did not accept iframes. However, this lead many visitors to either visit the one page or leave the site altogether. To deal with this problem, Roca Inmovible created a new homepage in March 2005. The homepage had two links, directing the visitor to the website using iframes or the original website with no iframes. Included during this time was the introduction of two new pages, the biography page and the music lessons page. The biography page featured all the members of Roca Inmovible and some information about them, including their names, their position within the band, the instrument they perform with, and a short biography written by each member. The music lessons page was an advertisement to receive music lesson in sax, piano, drums, trumpet, bass, and guitar given by former Roca Inmovible director Juan Maldonado. Also as an update, there was a new marker for the map, a purple rhombus, for whenever a member of Roca Inmovible will go out and preach, usually Rafael Davila, Jr., a link on the samples page to purchase “Llego Jesus” from the website through Paypal, and the replacement of the upcoming events with the calendar provided by Hotmail. At the end of this design, around October 2006, Roca Inmovible included a link to a site with very little content designed for early browsers on mobile devices, such as the Treo and Blackberry. However, this really never launched.

Roca Inmovible Homepage (Nov. 2006 – Nov. 2007)
Another update came on November 1, 2006. Like the last update, the website features both a version for visitors who use iframes and a version for visitors who could not view iframes. Unlike the previous update, however, both versions were made to look exactly the same as the homepage, bringing unification to the entire site. This update brought a bunch of new pages to the website. The most noticeable update was the update report. Instead of updating the page after every performance, the site was updated on a monthly basis, giving a more descriptive report of changes and performances. Also noticeable was the expansion of the menu with multiple new pages, such as the videos page, reservation page, photo gallery page, and many other pages. The video page used videos of Roca Inmovible that are found on multiple video sharing site, usually Youtube, Google Video, and Veoh. There were also three videos that were on the formerly known iFilm, which is now Spike. The reservation page was used as a way for visitors to reserve Roca Inmovible to a variety of performances such as birthday parties, concerts, and church services using the services of The photo gallery featured pictures from various performances that dated back to 2005 that were viewable through a flash application. Also added to the website was the replacement of the map with Google maps (which used the same color scheme as the previous map), online translation by Google translate, and the introduction to a RSS Feed.

Roca Inmovible Homepage (Dec. 2007 – Jan. 2010)
On December 1, 2007, Roca Inmovible updated the look of the website. This was done to eliminate the iframes introduced in 2005. Instead, the entire website was converted to use CSS and to be W3 compliant to make it compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems. Roca Inmovible also wanted to state that the website is suitable for all audience and got rated from both ICRA and Safe Surf. Besides the look of the entire website, the only change was the announcement of Roca Inmovible’s blog, which incorporated the monthly update they already do on a page other than the main page. Another addition that was not noticeable was the inclusion of a white marker on the map, which indicated the church in which Roca Inmovible attended. This later changed to a marker in the shape of a house.

On April 19, 2008, Roca Inmovible decided to register the domain name This allowed the audience to better remember the URL of the website, although people can still get to the website via

On October 27, 2008, Roca Inmovible introduced a new page that offered live broadcast using from their local church.

In March 2009, Roca Inmovible expanded their videos to be on Yahoo Video. A few months later in May 2009, Roca Inmovible expanded their videos to be on Viddler.

On July 1, 2009, Roca Inmovible announced the introduction of Press Releases and a link that allowed visitors to retweet certain announcements via Twitter. The Press Release was similar to the already existing blog. Unlike the blog, however, the Press Release is updated when news occur and is archived for future references.

On September 1, 2009, Roca Inmovible made many updates to the existing website. The most drastic update is the announcement of two social media’s Roca Inmovible is associated with, Myspace and Facebook. Other updates include a new survey via SurveyMonkey, an update to the video archive, and an update to the mobile site, which was released as a Beta in early 2009.

Roca Inmovible Homepage (Feb. 2010 - Present
Another update was released on February 1, 2010. This was not only done to update the website look and feel but with the simplicity of the Menu, made it more easier for visitors to navigate. Other updates includes the discontinuation of the Ustream Live Broadcast page, the Blog page, and the addition of the history page, which gives a brief history of Roca Inmovible, an online store, and easier access to both their Myspace and Facebook page. In March 2010, Roca Inmovible joined iLike. This was done so that fans on Facebook can listen to music by Roca Inmovible.

Updates in 2011 were rare. It was announced that the reason behind this was that 2011 was a rebuilding year and all promotions were halted, according to the press release on January 15, 2012. These included videos, photos, and press releases. However, there was a minor update to the band's mobile site. The first update on the mobile site was February 10, 2011 followed by the second update on August 10, 2011.

Website Rewards

Acts 17:11 Award of Excellence(2007)
American Association of Webmasters Award of Excellence (2007, 2008)
ArtSpace2000 World Web Award of Excellence (2006, 2007)
Gadzillion Things Award (2008)
Majon International Internet Marketing Specialist (2006)
Nautical Award Program Beautiful Site Award (2008)
Ranks1 Best Christian Website (2007)
Roz Designz Divine Web Presence Award (2007)
The Butterfly Site Award (2007)
The Nature Company Award (2007)
TS Graves Award of Excellence (2007)
World Wide Web Awards (2007)


Current Vocalist/Musicians
Nelson Maldonado (Director) – Bassist, Pianist
Josue Maldonado – Percussionist, Pianist, Bassist
Ellison Tavico – Percussionist, Trumpeter
Kenny Castro - Pianist
Angel Alverado - Technician
Carlos Amezquita - Guitar
Luisito Espinosa - Singer
Daniel Espinosa - Percussionist

Emmanuel Melendez - Drummer

Former Vocalist/Musicians
Juan Maldonado - Bassist/Pianist
Gerline Maldonado - Vocalist
Merary Maldonado - Vocalist
Elouise Davila – Vocalist
Elizabeth Donez – Vocalist
Rafael Davila, Jr. – Saxophonist, Pianist
Nelson Maldonado, Jr. – Drummer, Percussionist
Lisette Maldonado – Trumpeter
Joseph Santiago - Guitarist
William Ortiz - Percussionist
José Rivera – Percussionist
Emmanuel Marerro - Drummer

Contact Information

Roca Inmovible


27 Crescent Ave.
Chelsea, MA 02150

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