Well, I'm glad you asked. Firstly, the purpose of this site is mainly to act as a showcase for my work as a web developer. That's what the resumé section is up there at the top for, not to crow about my achievements as a Conference Manager. I don't plan on changing jobs anytime soon but it's useful to have an online portfolio for the occasional bit of freelance work, and it always pays to be prepared ;-)

As well as this professional shopfront, I felt I also wanted somewhere to write a little, talk about what's happening with me, and generally show a bit of personal colour to the world. As well as the main log, you'll see a few random 'specialist interest' sections around, and that's what these are for.

Also, there are lots of interesting and new things happening in the world of web development right now. Phrases like 'web standards' and 'separating structure from presentation' are being bandied around, and I'm interested. For me, this site is a playground for new techniques without having the client equivalent of a dinner-lady telling me to behave. The accessibility section talks about this in a bit more depth.

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