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John Robinson, the President of Robinson Residential Design has been involved in home design for 27 years. He formed Robinson Residential Design Inc. in 1996. The business has grown steadily as a result of his innovative custom designs and the sale of his popular home and cottage plans in the craftsman style.

The craftsman style was chosen for many reasons. Its structure is simple and efficient, but at the same time, it has a depth of detail. Also, the craftsman style is widely suited to various landscape settings, from mountain to prairie and from forest to lakefront. The craftsman homes were indigenous to the west and spread across North America, becoming the first real house built for most families at a time of relative prosperity in the 1920's. The craftsman style detailing is timeless, beautiful and a part of our architectural history.

The Robinson Residential Design philosophy is client focused. Good design evolves from a base of understanding of the client’s sense of priorities and compromises. This may include size versus finish, type of construction, depth of detail and quality of materials. The strength of the Robinson design team is in designing a functional and beautiful living space, while dealing with the constraints of budgetary requirements and the compromises involved in all home design.

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