Ringtone Creator 2.4 - a multiplatform ringtone conversion engine (Nokia, SP-MIDI, MIDI, SMAF (MMF), MP3, AMR, CMX, EMelody, IMelody, Motorola, RTTTL, WAV, DLS, SF2, Flash)


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Ringtone Creator 2.4 is a professional tool for the conversion of cell phone ringtones. It is available as a visual converter (for ringtone composers, content providers and aggregators) and as a Java library for on-the-fly ringtone manipulation (for software developers). Ringtone Creator supports all of the widely available ringtone formats: SP-MIDI, MIDI, SMAF MA1, MA2, MA3, SMAF Phrases, Nokia, IMelody, RTTTL, Motorola, EMelody, Sagem monophonic and polyphonic, CMX, WAVE, MP3, and AMR NB/WB truetone formats.
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